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 Samantha J  


Hi Girls ... my name is Samantha and I am a married, heterosexual who absolutely loves, enjoys and relishes my feminine transformations. I love the sensation of transforming into a woman and wearing lingerie, hosiery, heels  and of course short skirts!  As with many of us, I started dressing very early in life trying on my mother's hosiery. I loved the sensation so much that it continued from there with more dressing and other articles of feminine attire from my sister's wardrobe.  I struggled with the purging and stopping as most of us have over the years.  Eventually I started buying my own feminine things and Samantha was officially born as you see her now!!

I have realized that this is a big part of my life and feel that it is something that creates a positive balance with my male side. I have a wife and children who do not know of my total transformations, but my wife is very accepting of me wearing Victoria's Secret panties and sheer hosiery most every day under my drab male clothes.  In fact, I probably have more lingerie and hosiery than she does and she is an amazing, sensual and attractive woman herself!  She still does not know of Samantha and perhaps one day I will have the courage to show her some of my pictures.  In fact, until recently (past 3 months) no one knew of Samantha ... I finally had the courage to start sharing her on the internet and the experience has been so wonderfully positive.  I have made so many nice friendships and connections with other beautiful Sisters out there. Thank you all for your positive thoughts and accepting attitudes!

I love to dress as feminine as possible and look as passable as possible.  And to transform as often as my male life allows ... which is not often enough!  I love to shop for Samantha and keep in feminine shape.  As with most women ... I love shopping for shoes!  The satisfaction of looking at a feminized Samantha in the mirror is so wonderful to me.  I may not be the most beautiful girl or TGirl for that matter out there, but inside, I feel fabulous!  I absolutely love the feeling of sassy lingerie and the look of sheer hosiery and the sexiness of wearing high heels with a short skirt.  Put succinctly, I absolutely love beautiful, attractive women and love trying to be one once in a while!!!

Thanks to Rachel for her support and asking me to be a Cover Girl.  It is Samantha's first award!

Click on Samantha’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.