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 Samantha Prescott

Click on Samantha’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page. You can go to Samantha’s Facebook page by clicking here.


   I am Samantha Prescott, a life- long dresser and transfemale from New Jersey,  with no plans of transitioning I've reached a point in my life that I am content and comfortable with the duality that is embodied within my being. I am happily married to my wonderful wife who is loving and supportive of who I am. She has helped and encouraged me to be happy and secure with myself. Early in our relationship she impressed upon me the importance of spreading my wings to get out and about to make friends with others like myself. It wasn't till that point in my life that I did start developing friendly relationships with those who I myself could feel comfortable with, without fear of judgment. I spent the vast majority of my life prior to that avoiding the possibility of real friendships for fear of people finding out about who I really am, the authentic ME, and the  femininity I possessed within all the layers of ME. I kept all of these things well hidden and my need of self- expression was reclusive, secretive, and a lonely endeavor to say the least. 

Since 2012 I have been getting out and about to events in NJ and PA at least a few times a year. Although these opportunities seem few and far between, they have come to fruition as a result of my wife's encouragement, support, and her blessings when I'm able to find a window in time to take flight. From time to time we have a girls night out or weekend getaways for shopping and dining. I have also built a bit of an internet presence on my numerous social media sites, those being Meetup, Facebook, Google+, and my Flickr account. 

I am still greatly closeted for the most part and have no real interest or need to come out. My dysphoria is not as extreme and overwhelming as to cause me a life or death feeling that others feel when it comes to transitioning or living life as their authentic self. I am comfortable to finally have a self acceptance of my own gender duality and I don't see myself looking to make any major changes in my life. I am pretty much working on a manageable middle in my/our perfectly flawed lives. My wife is as diligent as I am working to maintain and keep our privacy in regards to ME being ME, she is sometimes even more careful than I am running cover to keep My/Our secret from surfacing publicly or among family and friends.

I have shared my own story and my event and travel experiences on quite a few occasions on friends blogs and even did a piece on my first Keystone Conference experience for the Glamour Boutique blog in 2014. I have attended Keystone every year since. At the 2015 Conference I became better acquainted with quite a few members of The Vanity Club, I was invited to their Fri. dinner as a guest. I am proud to say that later that year I was nominated and elected by the membership as an official member of the VC sorority as part of the class of Aug. 2015. 

So from here life goes on with only hope and dreams of just being the best ME I can be and to hopefully inspire others like myself to live their dream. Wherever our journey takes us.........Go with love of yourself, pride of who you are, and a life of happiness and inner peace! 

Lingerie-Samatha Prescott

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