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 Sandra Curry  


My Name is Sandra Curry from the UK.  I started experimenting with dressing in my early teens.  I really only played at it for years, no makeup or hair etc and I was riddled with feelings of guilt at what I was doing.  I thought I was the only one in the world to want to do this.  Many times the shame got the better of me and I 'purged' all my precious clothes, throwing them all away in an attempt to 'cure' myself of these desires.  Gradually I realised that this process is pointless.  The desire to wear something feminine would always return.

It was only as I approached 40 that I began to accept who I was, started to take things more seriously and Sandra was 'born'.  The arrival of the internet opened up a whole new world of possibilities and I discovered I was not alone after all.  I made many friends online and that helped me begin to overcome my biggest fear yet strongest desire - to go out dressed!   For me this is the best part - meeting friends and spending time out with them.

My biggest regret is not telling my wife about my feelings sooner.  The deception was horrible and she deserved to hear the truth from the start.  But the fear of losing her stopped me saying anything for years.  It hasn't been easy for her to understand why I need to do this.  It seems so hard to explain how wonderful I feel as Sandra and that it isn't hurting anyone.  Expect her perhaps.  She didn't sign up for any of this when I married her so I have to be considerate of her feelings and reach some kind of compromise.

Finally, a huge thank you to Rachel for including my bio on her wonderful site xx

Click on Sandra’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.  You can go to Sandra’s Facebook page by clicking here.


Click on the pic to the right to see Sandra’s video!  >>>>>