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 Sandy Clifton

Click on Sandy’s portrait below to go to her Facebook page.  


  A lifelong urge to experience femininity remained unexplored until my mid-20s, when I jumpstarted my girly inventory by buying a crossdresser’s wig-and-clothing stash online (better that his purge destination be my closet than a landfill, I rationalized).

Other than three Halloween outings, my female presentation efforts remained private until 2013: in the lead-up to a monthlong tour of the western U.S., I grew my hair out and underwent a full body wax; on the eve of the trip I had my brunet locks dyed blonde.  In cities along the way (Austin, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Fort Collins) I patronized makeover services and visited local landmarks en femme; the rest of the time, I went camping in male-mode.

Having drawn inspiration from (and lived vicariously through) accounts of crossdressing posted online, I felt obligated to reciprocate by sharing write-ups of my Sandy-adventures.  Doing so led to virtual friendships, some of which have progressed to real-world meet-ups and sisterly exploits, which have become more frequent as my makeup skills have improved.

I present as male 96% of the time (and am content with that state of affairs), but when in girl-mode I strive to look as “real” as possible (granted, my “reality” requires the assistance of breast forms, hip pads, cosmetics, and a wig).  Sandy is my creative outlet; I am my own art project, relishing being on exhibit.

Much inconclusive introspection leaves me unable to determine why I pursue an alternate mode of gender presentation; ultimately I’ve decided that for me it’s healthier to heed that impulse than it is to repress it.