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 Sara Antoinette  


Name: Sara Antoinette.aka Ms. Antoinette, Ms. Treated.

Home: New England, USA.

Sign: Taurus.

Well, where to begin? My basic life story is no different than that of any other gurl. In that light, I'll just tell you about myself as I am now, which really isn't any different from back then. I think (hope) I am still the same,nice person.

I am 34, soon to be 35...ahhhhemm...and married to a wonderful girl. We actually met on the internet, which certainly makes a case for the true dangers of the net! Just kidding. She is truely wonderful. She does know about my dressing and in that regard I would describe her feelings on such as indifferently intolerant. That is, she not only knows, but for a time has participated in my feminine antics. However, over the years she has lost interest in such and now simply asks that I keep dressing a separate part of our lives. She does prefer I stop...but we all know how that goes! So again, though she has not proclaimed I "stop at once, or else!" She hasn't exactly bought me any sexy dresses either. Sooo.....I know she loves me, and I her but we'll describe my dressing as one of those minor "imperfections" to our relationship.

Back to me! My general interests in life are about as varied as my wardrobe. These interests range from the sterotypical male to the, well, not so stereotypical. I am a college educated professional who is gainfully employed in a job I thoroughly love. My career is something I have always wanted to do since childhood. I am fortunate to make a living doing what I love. Additionally, I am a public safety volunteer. As you might imagine, neither of these vocations are terribly tolerant of my feminine interests. Oh well, stinks to be intolerant.

As you might imagine, I very much enjoy dressing up and playing the part of a girl. The aesthetics and imagery of the female persona is just too much for me to pass up! I just had to join the fun too! I love the elaborate, decadent and flirty portrayal that comes with being a part-time girl. Needless to say, I am enamored with a wide range of women's-wear..from cutting, crisp office-wear to party dresses to lingerie to club-wear you'll find me admiring it all. We won't even address the "shoe issue". By the way, I absolutely lust after and love retro,glamour styles...the 40's to the 60's in terms of fashion and style are absolutley idealistic to me. I love,love,love pin-up girls. Don't get me wrong, I do love todays styles for sure.

Other than the above, I like internet...I am an amateur public speaker (no...I don't mix business with pleasure...I dont mix boy and girls I like to read and write as well. Oh... another big thing about me, I love costumes..go figure! And I like to act, in an amateur sort of way, within the scope of normal, everyday life. You know the kind, the geek in the crowd! Lately, I have really been into themed parties and get-togethers. My latest craving is for a Revolutionary War themed 4th of July Party. So while I might look to use any excuse to get into a dress in heels, I do like other outfits too!

That's me. I now take a bow.

Sara Antoinette.

Click on Sara’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.