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 Sarah Lindeque  


Hi I am Sarah!

Now in my early fifties and having dressed since my early teens, albeit only in the closet! I decided after repressing my desires for so many years to embrace them and set myself free!
In March 2015 having discovered the wonderful world of TVChix I met others like me.............what an experience….to know I was not alone!. Through this wonderful site I have met so many amazing girls! Who are now friends……from all walks of life, people I would never have known.

My greatness regret is not having done it sooner. It has made me feel younger with a renewed sense of adventure……I feel like a reborn twenty something going out into the world to take on new challenges. To you other girls don’t leave it too late, the trans world is a wonderful place full of amazing and tolerant people!
The trans scene has provided for Sarah a world away from the male one she lives in everyday, but they coexist in harmony. As a guy in a male dominated job and serious hobbies of diving and biking, he gets to transform into this soft Tgirl called Sarah who adores being feminine.

Click on Sarah’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.

Lingerie-Sarah Lindeque

Click on the pic to the right to go to Sarah’s Lingerie Model page. >>>