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 Simone St George  


 My name is Simone StGeorge and I am a 50 something part time crossdresser. Curiosity as a teenager got me into trying on my sisters knickers and tights (pantyhose) and I loved the feel of them. I acquired a collection of hose and underwear of my own, then eventually some clothes and shoes. This was how things stayed for a few years, just dressing in my room for my own entertainment. Once I got married, I purged my wardrobe and "gave up" crossdressing as I thought I didn't need it anymore. Over the years, the marriage deteriorated and I took solace in 'dressing' again. My wife noticed and the marriage went further downhill, then we got into a viscious circle where the worse the marriage got, the more I 'dressed' and the more I 'dressed' the worse things got. So one day it all came to a head and we split, so I was free to do as I pleased. In the 10 years since then, I have bought wigs and practiced my make up skills, and also bought jewelry and accessories so that I can now go out in public. This is something I do often, whether to do grocery or clothes shopping or to transgender events.

There are a couple of local tgirl nights out which take place every month and I attend them as often as work and family commitments allow.
I also now have a lovely partner who not only accepts my crossdressing, but happily helps out and has no qualms about being seen out and about with me. That makes me a very lucky and very happy girl.

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Lingerie-Simone St George

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