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 Sonja Thompson  


 I believe I am fairly unusual in that I didn’t start dressing until just under four years ago, in my early thirties, although I did develop some curiosity towards T-Girls when I met one at a trans/drag act in my late teens. Now I am actually lucky enough to be able to fit into some of my wife’s clothing, and my initial time dressing as my alter ego Sonja, was spent in her leggings and workout gear (she now steals my clothes all the time)! However, I was caught red handed on the very first weekend I dressed, which led to embarrassment, many difficult questions, and an awkward couple of weeks. Happily, my wife quickly accepted Sonja as she understood that it was a part of me that I would not easily be able to suppress, and she wanted me to be able to be comfortable in expressing myself.

Initially, like other girls in the community, I purchased cheap wigs, clothing that was either too ‘tarty’ or an unsuitable cut, and made the mistake of buying clothing inappropriate for my age. It was not a pretty sight! However, I believe that I have learned pretty quickly over the past few years and have been told that I have good taste, and that I dress in a classy kind of way (you be the judge!). I also enjoy a little bit of fancy dress, and have a thing for ‘Bunny Girls’, so that was one of the first outfits I had to buy. I love it! My interest and skills in makeup have come on leaps and bounds, and I now understand how to dress for my body shape, by emphasising the more feminine aspects of my body. I am still learning.

As often happens with us T-Girls, dressing at home is only interesting for so long, and one thing led to another, and I was going out as Sonja, meeting other T-Girls, and making some very close friends in the community. In spite of my desires to do this, I did not find stepping out of the door easy! Apart from nights out with the girls, I have attended two ‘Sparkle’ National Transgender Celebration events in Manchester (United Kingdom) over the past few years and intend to spend some of my time volunteering for this cause in the future.

I only spend a relatively small amount of time as Sonja in my daily life. In fact, I usually only get the chance to dress perhaps once every six weeks. This seems to be around the time for the urge to appear, and it becomes difficult to ignore if I leave it for any longer. I am still undecided as to the reasons to my dressing, and as to how far my feelings towards being a trans-woman actually go. I think I represent a small part of our community that is usually poorly understood, because we are not simply ‘crossdressers’, but nor are we ready or willing to transition. To this day I cannot fully explain even to myself why I dress, other than it feels natural and well…. It feels like it is just realising a hidden part of me. Perhaps I just like heels too much. Who knows?

Finally, I would like to say a warm thank you to Rachel for contacting me and asking if I would like to feature as a cover girl on her website. Faced with that offer, how could any girl refuse? 

Sonja x

Click on Sonja’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.