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 Stacey Collins  


Hi there and welcome to Staceystory! I am Stacey and I am a T-Girl in my early 40's, living in warm and sunny S. California. I am happy with who I am and would like to share this with others. They say a smile is contagious! I am age 44, Height 5'11", Weight 160lb--oh wait--A girl never tells that.  Dress size 12, Shoe size 11.

If I am telling my story with my pictures, we are way past the first couple of acts. But perhaps I can catch you up a bit.

I started when I was about 12 with a visit to my sister's closet. I was curious about a dress she had made herself for a school play. In a matter of minutes, I had taken a step that would alter the rest of my life. I seem to recall almost getting caught the first time. I nearly ripped the zipper of my sister's dress. I still cringe at the sound of threads tearing.

My dressing was rare for many years because the options and opportunities were rare. When I moved to California and lived by myself, I bought my first clothing item. A pair of emerald green satin pajamas. More items would follow.

Access to the Internet, however, was probably what changed everything. I could buy amazing clothes without worries. Then shoes and wigs. Makeup and accesories. My skills and look improved and reached a point just recently that I could no longer keep my secret.

I have lots of clothes these days, many photos and I am taking lots more. I have started meeting people online and in person. (Just a note here: I am only interested in GG's and other T-Girls--not interested in Men!). OK, now where were we? Oh yeah, I just want to experience some of life as a girl. It makes me happy and a better person, I think. You are welcome to follow my progress and post comments. I don't know what lies ahead but please share the journey with me and I hope it makes us all happier and better people.

Thank you, Stacey

Click on Stacey’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.