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 Stacie Alyssa Flowers  


I am a forty year old part time girl. I have been dressing on and off since I was 12. It began with my sister's clothes and progressed from there. I am always trying to refine my look to project the the best feminine image I can. It has been an enjoyable journey.

Until the last couple of years, I remained as a homebound girl. After making some online friends, I finally got the courage to get out and meet people. During that time, I was still finding out who I was and where this would take me. I have come to the realization that living as a woman full time is something I might want to try. However, real life circumstances do not make that possible. So, when I am being myself, I like to project a classy lady.

During my outings, I tend to play it safe and only go where the general public is at a distance. However, more recently, I have visited wig shops and went to lunch en femme. It is so rewarding to integrate into society. I'm still not 100% there. But, I will continue to push my boundaries.

Click on Stacie’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.