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 Stef King  


 Name:  Steff King

Age: 58

City: Melbourne, Australia

State: Victoria

Marital status: Married with children

TG Status: Crossdresser (not out to friends or family)

Email Address:

Web Site or Photo Sharing Site address:

A little about Steff

Prior to the advent of the internet and digital camera era, my transgenderism was a very lonely, private and guilt ridden activity. Although a confirmed crossdresser since the age of 7 (I am now approaching 59), I have never been able to take myself too seriously until recently, since my transformation efforts were generally amateurish and at times almost laughable. A vision of feminine beauty I definitely was not and any thought of venturing out en femme other than on a very dark night and to a very dark place was unthinkable!

Access to the Internet in 2000 and my first digital camera in 2006 however quickly changed all that and are the main reasons that brought about the rapid acceleration in Steff's development which in turn has greatly influenced the role Steff now plays in my day to day life.    

Digital camera ownership made it possible to take pics of Steff, review the results instantly, remedy any shortcomings in her appearance then try and try again until something approaching reasonableness appeared in the camera's LCD screen. From humble beginnings Steff has slowly blossomed into the lady you see on Flickr today.                

Similarly with the Internet and email, these technologies have been the catalysts that have enabled Steff to discover the global TG community, communicate with and become friends with so many likeminded girls, share pics and experiences and generally get to know a whole lot of new people with similar interests that I never knew before. It is my intention to continue this journey of TG discovery and keep growing and developing my femme persona.

Click on Stef’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.