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 Stephanie Anne Jeffries  


 Stephanie’s been in the works for a long, long time.  After too many years of “what if” daydreaming, my first active year as Stephanie was just under 2 years ago.  Done with dabbling, I began with a feminine handful of makeovers with well-reviewed transformation artists, in which I focused on learning as much as I could.  What I learned – and of course the accompanying photoshoots – helped build my confidence and my self-acceptance:  I didn’t want to pursue unrealistic expectations given my age and inexperience.  

So I’ve built my look (and my psychology) to be guided by (and to embrace) the deeply feminine traits, styles, looks and attitudes which I’ve largely observed in so many role models – ladies who’ve grace this space before.  I’ve made it a priority to maintain twin senses of class and self-respect, but to also present myself as a friendly, cheery, welcoming lady.

I privately enjoyed envisioning, then achieving how I’d like to present myself. And then a few months after my first makeover, I nervously posted my first face pic online.  I still thank my lucky stars that it was well-received – what encouragement to push myself a little more over time, carefully “emerging” online to share photos and make connections.

Then came the fateful day last spring, when I went “past the doorway” out into public. And I insisted on doing it on my terms: I pushed myself out of the nest by stepping out of my hotel room in Las Vegas, and going for a solo afternoon/evening stroll down the Strip – enjoying the sights, the casinos, a meal, and a few attractions. And that started the rollercoaster ride to today:  the following month, I attended Viva Wildside – my first time ever among “girls like us”. In the ensuing months, I’ve enjoyed a couple GNOs, made friends at a girls-day-in, had a bridal photoshoot (complete with bridesmaids) organized a local GLO, flew pretty, and voted pretty. I’ve done my best to document it along the way, online.  But all of it – and all I intend to do this year – was borne from very openly stated goals to do exactly what I set out to do. 

Along that journey, my self-confidence has skyrocketed, but I’ve remained as humble yet diligent as I can about staying true to my intentions for being the Stephanie I set out to be:  friendly and classy, with a silly sense of playfulness. 

I’m also very “out” about being happily married, as marriage and family are a top priority in my “default setting”.  Being Stephanie is, in no way, a sexual thing.  Instead, I’ve been floored by the realization that Stephanie’s taught me how to love myself – and show my affection and open appreciation for others.

Time is always my biggest challenge. I simply wish I had more time as Stephanie. She’s always a part of me, and I get to funnel that mostly towards my online presence; although, even THAT is often difficult.  So I value and celebrate every connection I make!

I’ve had the amaaaaaaaaaazing honor of being among the top 10 finalists in the Glamour Boutique legs contest, and to be selected as a cover girl for the Pretty Tgirls group on Yahoo twice.  Like those, I consider it to be a solemn and humbling honor to be asked by Rachel to be a cover girl on her site.  I honestly look at all the gorgeous, wonderful ladies who’ve preceded me, and I consider myself so very, very lucky indeed.  

I love making new friends, and am just tickled when friends of mine become friends of each other – so feel free to add me!  I’m /tgirlsj on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest.  I would love to pay-forward the encouragement, kindness, inspiration, and guidance that other ladies have so graciously given to me.

Click on Stephanie’s portrait below to go to her Facebook page.