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 Stephanie Monroe  


My name is Stephanie Monroe

Well past 18, I am 5ft 8, blue/grey eyes,

Dress size 16 – 18 not fat but need to

Lose a few pounds on my tummy.

Hair colour various depending on my mood.

I love to wear pretty dresses and nylons and heels

My first memory of crossing dressing was at the age of 7, I can remember playing with our next door neighbour’s daughters; they had some girls dress up clothes in a box. Not sure how it happened but me and my brother ended up wearing some very pretty dresses and heels. This was probably the early seed to the beginnings of my cross dressing. However I have always thought I should have been a girl, as I much wanted to play with girl toys and have always loved pretty clothes.

It wasn’t until the age of about 14 that I started to secretly put on my mother’s clothes.  The pure ecstasy of putting on panties and nylons and putting on make-up and jewellery, I was in my element.

Throughout my life I have tried to suppress the girl inside me, I have purged twice but hopefully not anymore. I have come to the stage in my life where I have come to accept my gift and to embrace it. I am at the stage in my life where I want to experience my feminine side and explore new horizons and see where my journey takes me. I have just taken a life changing step by going out as Stephanie. It was one of the best days of my life and I am planning many more outings in the near future.

I am really a girlie girl; I just adore pretty dresses and lingerie and high heels, no jeans for this girl. Since joining Flickr, it has opened up my eyes and I have come across some very supportive girls. We are not alone; if only the internet had been around in my earlier years it would have explained a lot and helped me come to terms with my gift.

My Goal is to take one step at a time and embrace whatever life has to offer.

Love to you all

Stephanie Monroe.  18/10/2010

Click on Stephanie’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page. New ... Click here to go to Stephanie’s own personal website !!!