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 Stephanie Wardlow  


Stephanie Wardlow is a sanguine and longsuffering CD/TG. She has managed to survive many attempts to deny her existence over the course of these past 39 years.

Her humble beginnings began as so many others like her do, looking to satisfy an insatiable desire to find out why she felt different about herself. She began at a very early age to experiment with her mother’s clothes in an attempt to find ways to connect and deal with her blossoming feelings and emotions. To strike a balance between what was becoming far too obvious and what her sometimes painful reality was.

All alone in bed at night she would often create elaborate visions that one day she could be emancipated from her male body to begin a life anew as a girl who could follow her intensely strong feminine pursuits without condemnation from an unapproving 1970's culture in the southern U.S.

Her growing up wasn't all bad, there were many times of happiness and joy. However, she was never far from the daily part of life. The 1990's were not the happiest time in her life. She was under heavy denial during this decade and eventually acquiesced and married a wonderful, sweet and beautiful girl from a neighboring county hoping to assuage the self inflicted pain and depression. It looked for a while like Stephanie would fade away into history. The marriage was not incongruous or enjoyable for the most part and would have ended in certain divorce had it not been for her untimely death in 2007.

After grieving and introspection and a very short dating period, she saw an opportunity to live again. She began to doll herself up on a somewhat regular basis looking for safe avenues to express her feelings and to begin find out where her boundaries are and if necessary, push them out a little further. She is very busy with the everyday parts of life these days, but is always desiring to befriend others with a similar story and common experiences.

Stephanie Wardlow lives in Central Arkansas with her 3 small children ages 7,6 and 4. She has worked in the engineering dept for 20 years at a local foodservice equipment dealer/fabricator and is responsible for the majority of the construction documents produced there.

She also loves The Southern Comfort Conference where she enjoys meeting fun new people from all walks of life where people can gather together unafraid and raise a glass in camaraderie with one another.

Stephanie also loves college football, cycling, cooking and of course, shopping for that perfect dress!
Stephanie can be reached at and

Click on Stephanie’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.