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 Stephanie Yates  


  I'm Stephanie Yates an ambigendered individual who lives in a small town in the southeastern US. I've been expressing my feminine side since I was very young. I think my first crossdressing experience was when I was about eight--some forty years ago now. I have distinct memories of wanting to wear my sister's clothes as early as three or four--so I guess I'm a lifer!


 So why "ambigendered"? Well, I think it describes who I am. I see myself as a blend of both genders and as a person who can function adequately in either. I don't see what I do--i.e. crossdressing--as merely a behavior or a hobby or a proclivity. I like to be as realistically feminine as possible on a part time basis. I see it as expressing an aspect of who I am. Yes, I'm biologically male but I have a feminine component, the expressing of which I find very fulfilling and rewarding. To me it's neither blessing nor curse, it's who I am.

 Aside from the art of feminine expression, I have a lot of interests. I love history, travel, beer, wine, food and my family (yes, I'm married with children). And I'm honored to have found so many supportive and wonderful like minded friends online (you know who you are). I'd love to be more out and open as Stephanie, but for now it's not really possible. But if I had one realistic wish, it would be to visit with my beautiful friends more often. Ultimately, what matters in life is love and acceptance--cherish those who are willing to offer those special gifts to you.

Click on Stephanie’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.