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 Tammy Trueheart  

I have exchanged a several emails with Tammy. She is a Pettipond Poufbunny, as I am. Tammy has a passion for lovely, feminine dresses. A brief bio follows . Please be nice to Tammy and treat her with the respect she deserves !

BIO: It started a long time ago when I was 12or 13. At the time we were sitting on the floor playing some kind of board game when my sister came into the room and her dress and her petticoat pushed up against my face and it tickled me like no other sensation before. So sometime later when no one was home, I went into her room and slipped into that petticoat. It was a 1950's style full length petticoat with shoulder straps and went down to my knees and I also put on the dress she was wearing when she came into the room that day. I looked into the full length mirror and saw for the first time how much of a girl I looked like. Sometime later when I was living on my own, I would buy some dresses from JCPenney or even Sears before they stopped their catalog business. Soon I met a girl and we were married but I never told her up font and sometime later we were divorced. Feeling sorry for myself, I was in a tavern and getting a little drunk when this woman came up to me and asked if she could join me. Sure why not. Well one thing lead to another and we started dating. Her marriage also ended in divorce from physical and mental abuse. I do not know how it happened, but she wanted us to go to a masquerade party. I agreed and we went as Jack and Jill. I went as Jill. After the party I told her how much fun it was to dress up as Jill and then I told her about my crossdressing. She wanted to see my dresses, so I showed her and she said that I had a very nice collection of pretty girl dresses and petticoats. She asked me to change into one and model for her, so I did. She said to me "I wish I could have children and if I could I would like a girl." So I became her little girl. Shortly after, we got married and sometimes she even dresses up in some of my dresses and we play like little girls would.


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