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 Tammy Trueheart  


How I started to cross dress.

Growing up in the fifties I first started to cross dress when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Having a younger sister where she had some very pretty dresses that she would wear to school and Church along with a few party dresses that flair way out. She also had a couple of full length petticoat slips that went with the dresses. It so happened when day my sister and her girlfriend and myself were playing a board game when my sister got up and brushed against me tickling my face. It was a real rush something I never experienced before. Naturally I wanted to experience it again. I got myself that chance when I was all by myself. Curiosity got the best of me and went into her room and saw the dress that she wore when she brushed up against me. Taking off all of my clothes and looking in her bureau I saw some pink silk panties which I put on and then the petticoat slip and then her dress. Looking in the mirror I saw pretty I looked. From that day all I wanted to do was put on her pretty dresses and admire how cute I looked.

This continued until I graduated high school whenever possible. After high school was off to an Electronics Technical School in which I received an Applied Science Degree in Electronic Engineering. Came back home and started working for an electronics company. Next came the USAF during the Vietnam War. Not much dressing up for the next four years. After my enlistment back working for the same electronic company and living on my own. This began my cross dressing in some pretty dresses.


Found a nice girl and fell in love married but this marriage did not last long. I never told her about my cross dressing and after a few years of marriage we divorced. I do have a son from that marriage. Once again my dressing took a few months off but the desire was always there. Then while sitting in a tavern drinking a beer or two a woman came in, was crowded with no place to sit asked me if she could sit at my table. I said sure and we began talking about ourselves. One thing led to another when I told her that I like to wear women's clothing. She was shocked at first but she wanted to learn more about me.


She recently became divorced after a very abusive marriage both physical and mental. I think back now why she wanted to learn more about me. She told me that she always wanted a daughter but an operation prevented that from ever happening. Deep down inside she wanted for me to become her little girl where she could go out and buy lovely girl outfits for me. It so happened I invited her over one night for an evening dinner where I was dressed up in my very first French Maid's Dress that I bought from Karen of UniKaren Designs. It was a red taffeta with white ruffled lace dress. At first I was a bit nervous when she came to my house and saw me dressed in that dress. Her remarks said it all "You look very pretty dressed- up for me this evening." Well that did the trick. Shortly after, she moved in and we fell in love and got remarried.

We had a small ceremony just family and close friends. She is an only child her Mother and Father died before we got married. I have two brothers and two sisters all younger than myself. For a while I did all my shopping via the EBAY web site but recently my wife likes to go out shopping for me. She has a few places that she goes to and looks for some nice outfits for me. At one time I had over 150 dresses but recently we have gone through all of my dresses and traded them into newer ones.

My desire to wear a petticoat of the square dance type came from seeing the ladies swirl around the dance floor in their dresses and their petticoats swirling back and forth. Naturally I wanted to experience the same feeling as the ladies did. I now have in my possession many different colors and styles ranging from two layer up to three layers and various fullness.

Recently we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. My wife Denise wore a bridal gown when we got married. So to celebrate our 15th anniversary she found a used bridal gown at a tag, garage sale and bought it. So on a weekend that our anniversary was she helped me into it and went out into our back yard which is somewhat private and took some photos of me. All of the photos of me in my dresses are taken by her.

In some photos of me I have my dolls with me. All girls like to have a doll collection so I decided to have a couple of dolls to own. Denise buys my dresses and I buy my dolls their dresses. To this day I think I have the best of both worlds dressing up as a cute girl and having a lovely wife that understands my life style.


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Happy Birthday Tammy !!!