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 Terri Johnson

Click on Terri’s portrait below to go to her Facebook page.  


  My friends know that I always try to get to the point, even if the explanation takes some time. Simply put: I really like the crossdressing aspect of my life! How I got here is almost the same story as so many others have told -- mother and sisters and an aunt who looked like a different person and totally stunning in her blonde wig.  But, I really became aware of my interest through a story in a "men's magazine" (mostly containingg articles/stories) that a friend of my father's had left in a drawer at a beach house. There were no pictures, but a story about a crossdresser was the first I had ever heard that this was a "real thing".  I dabbled a little with lingerie and clothes in my teens, but then it was off to college, always with roommates, and then finding a job, etc., etc. -- no time for (at that point) the unnamed part of me.

Years later, my desire to dress was re-awakened and I really got started when I glimpsed an ad for a transformation service in one of the alternative, free newspapers in town someone was reading at a work table. I have never had the desire to just wear panties or any other article of clothing; I wanted to be "fully" dressed, so that there would be the complete feminine appearance. So, this service seemed like a perfect opportunity to explore those feelings. Though I cannot remember why now, I called from a pay-phone (yes, for some of you, they did exist) and arranged for an interview. It was at that interview that we came up with my fem name -- something I had not thought about before- hand. We then went on a brief shopping trip, selecting a short brown wig, skirt and jacket combination, shoes (low heels), basic lingerie, and blouse. With makeup, I thought it was pretty good at the time, though I realize as I type this that I have no memory of ever having worn that outfit and wig again. I think that I got a taste of what could be and that look was just not the style I wanted (and thankfully, those pictures never made it to the Internet). So, it was on to better wigs, outfits, and higher heels.

In putting this together, I did pull up some of the photos of my early looks and wondered why I ever kept going.  I was not a "man in a dress", but those early looks are nothing like Terri's current appearance. I guess that I was so happy to experience "Terri", that I overlooked some of the shortcomings. So, though it took some experimenting and, fortunately, several transformation sessions with different people, Terri finally evolved to what is shown in my pictures today. Looking back, I must have continued on because my happiness was growing and evolving along with my look . . . and, with all of that, maybe my self-acceptance.  I will say that sometimes I think there could be magical powers in wigs & lipstick that help with my happiness. And, except for having a smaller appearance (code for: losing a few more pounds) I have no desire to go any farther or to transition.

So, at some point in this "journey", I developed a mantra, if you will: "I am what I am AND I am what I am not" -- which may be confusing until you stop and think about it. Anyway, while I could write some extended discourse about how dressing as a woman is some type of psychological expression of a part of my inner being, linked to either some DNA or parental experience (your choice), I do not know why I like it and am not sure that there is a "real" answer. I just see this as a form of "personal expression". I guess my "insight" can be summed up by just accepting that I do like it.

I truly enjoy getting "fully dressed" -- to project the image. This may be a contradiction to some other thoughts in this bio, but I will say that I sometimes describe myself as a "female" because that is how I usually feel when dressed. I do wish I had more "Terri time" -- but, then again, I am usually wishing for more time for everything that is going on in my life.  

If you have kept reading, I will say that being a crossdresser is definitely an "Adventure," but for me it is also "Freedom" . . . as strange as that might seem. I will close by saying that I am generally happy with both sides of my personality and, like so many out there, am just someone who is just trying to find their way through this daily conflict called "life".