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This where you will find Transgender surveys and various other things that I will call miscellaneous for now that pertain to Tgirl femininity. **Final results of my latest Transgender Survey are here ... Scroll down please !

♥  Below and to the right is the first TG survey I created (2012) where over 1000 Tgirls responded. My goal here is to shed some light on what its like to be a Tgirl. It is closed, but you can view the results to the right and below.





My 2012 Transgender Survey is now closed. The results are below. Thank you to everyone who participated. I will develop another survey sometime in the future.

2012 Survey results as of February 14, 2013 are below

Below are the results of some of my older quick-type surveys.


2017 Transgender Survey Final Results

 (see gallery directly below)

The Most Beautiful Cover Girl competition here at Rachel’s Place is now complete. Voting results for the top 3 girls will be released shortly! You can see the special Finalists page by clicking here.

The Most Beautiful Cover Girl Results :



Ana Cristina Garcia

Ashley Stevens

Emma Ross

Heidi Phox

Jamie Grae

Jill Catherine Smith

Monika Cathrine

Natassia Crystal

Stephanie Anne Jeffries

Stephanie Wardlow

The top 3 girls:

The Most Beautiful Cover Girl:  Stephanie Anne Jeffries

First Runner-Up:  Stephanie Wardlow

Second Runner-Up:  Ashley Stevens