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 Tina Martini  


I started crossdressing aged 12, misappropriating my sisters' and mother's clothes whenever in the house alone. Eventually I got in big trouble, and, like so many of our tribe, hid it away for many years, with only the very rare indulgence.

A few years ago I 'came out' to my wife but, having, at the time, had a very underwhelming experience with a crossdressing service in London (I kept the one photo they gave me to remind myself how futile this whole escapade was), I gave up on the idea that I could look like a gorgeous woman. It wasn't until 2016 that I really started in earnest, and that was when I decided to try again and visit Crossdress With Class in Melbourne. Shameless plug for them, I know, but suddenly, when I looked in the mirror, there was this fabulous alluring woman, and my heart leapt. There has been no looking back. While handing out bouquets, I have to also say that Boyswillbegirls in London, who I later visited on a business trip, is a magical place, and Cindy has amazing skills.

Like many girls (and gurls), I can't stop buying clothes! If I see a beautifully dressed girl in the street, well, I have to study the outfit and then go and buy something similar! It's the same with Flickr where my network of friends and followers grows, and the outfits and makeup of many beautiful and varied crossdressers lead me astray.

So Tina is learning, and getting better at makeup. It really is true, the more you practice, the easier it gets. I can't resist makeup lessons, whether at crossdressing services or Mac or other shops where you can learn the tricks of the trade. 

Like many of us, I lead a double life. Only my wife and I know of my crossdressing - no one else who knows my male persona is aware of my alter ego. Online, many know Tina but only Tina. Tina may be out in public in future, but it will be away from home where her masculine side won't be recognized.

I am very lucky that my figure (especially my legs) lends itself to femininity. But I do work hard to keep fit, so I guess I made some of that luck. I love to hear from other CDs and I love getting comments on my Flickr site (it would be nice if everyone who faved several photos also made a comment on at least one - I try to compliment people whenever I can).

Finally, a big thank you to Rachel for this wonderful website.  Reading through it and from my encounters with other tgirls I see so many heart rending stories, some much tougher than my own, some with heartwarming endings. I only hope that enough gets into the public understanding to gain general acceptance. I know how great it feels to be a girl, even if it is only temporary and occasional.

Click on Tina’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.