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 Toni Tempts  


I'm Toni Tempts and am a cross dresser from Arizona. I'm 5' 10", 150 lbs with blond hair (naturally) and green eyes and will turn 50 (uhg) this year.

I started dressing about 12 yrs ago on the suggestion of my girlfriend at the time. It sounded like fun but I thought I would make an ugly girl. The face left a lot to be desired but the body was hot and so began my quest to look female across the board and now with being asked by Rachel to be a Cover Girl I think I've made it lol. I'll let you be the judge of that.

I have only been out in public once in Las Vegas but I'm about to make it out more in the near future. In fact, this weekend, I plan to set "Toni" loose on Las Vegas once again with my new friend Shavonna Starr. Hopefully this will be the spark that starts the fire. Not bad for a construction foreman.
I love my time as a girl and will continue to be Toni till the lights go out.

Toni Tempts

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Lingerie-Toni Tempts

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