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 Trisha Leigh St. John  


The very first memories of my life are of me wanting to wear a dress.
My Mom was making dresses for her and my older sister for a special occasion (the only time she has ever done such a thing). I was very young, pre-school probably 3 or 4. I thought they were so beautiful and wanted to wear one so badly. When they were finished she had them hanging on her bedroom door. I remember standing up under the dress as if I were wearing it. In my mind I was.
I was wearing that beautiful dress.

As school (Catholic) started, I felt they were making a terrible mistake. My hair should have been longer, and I should have been wearing the the girl's uniform: a navy blue jumper, white blouse and white pinafore. At that age the only difference, that I knew, between a girl and a boy, was the way they dressed and the length of the hair.
I never told anyone I thought they were making a mistake. Even at age 5, I must have known that I couldn't express those feelings.

The rest of my life would be spent wanting to wear those dresses and many, many more.

A quick inventory shows that I have:
52 Dresses plus 3 Gowns
37 Skirts
74 Pair of Shoes & Boots
I LOVE shopping!!!

Click on Trisha Leigh’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.