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 Vanessa Teves

Click on Vanessa’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.


Hello, I’m Vanessa from Mexico City, my story will seem very familiar. I was about seven years old and I was playing with two girl cousins when one of them thought that it would be funny to see me dressed as a girl. At first I resisted but they insisted so much that I finally gave up and let them set me in a lovely dress. Once I was in full "disguise·· there was no turning back, I just loved the way I felt and the way I looked. They even introduced me to their mom (my aunt) and she didn't even recognize me. I was enjoying it so much that they had a hard time taking the dress back from me!

Since then, every night I dreamt that I was magically transformed into a girl and suddenly my mother's clothes had an extraordinary appeal so I started wearing them on and off when there was nobody home. First I tried only clothes, then I put some makeup on, then I fully dressed and wow, what a wonderful feeling! I couldn’t stop doing it whenever I had the chance, every time I looked in the mirror I fell in love with my feminine image.

Years passed and I realized that dressing at home was not enough so I started venturing out and it was the most fun I had ever!

I started slow just riding in my car at night but rush I felt made me want  a little bit more every time and finally I graduated to going to the mall, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, ladies bathrooms, concerts, the beach and so on. I really felt I was living my woman dream.

In the process I made a lot of good friends with whom I went out and about every weekend and I really have fond memories of them, some have passed away.

Currently I don’t go out anymore but I find the time to dress once in a while.