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Vanity Fair Panties!

♥  My personal favorite panties to wear are Vanity Fair nylon tricot panties. I just simply love them! That’s how I start my day, slipping on a pair of slippery Vanity Fair panties. When I’m wearing a skirt or dress (which is most of the time), I usually wear one pair of panties, then pantyhose, then a second pair of panties over my pantyhose.

 Well, anyways ... This page is all about Vanity Fair nylon panties. Below are photos I had permission to use of GGs (genetic girls) wearing Vanity fair panties just like I happen to wear. If you have any photos of yourself wearing VF panties and would like to be included here, just email me with the photos. Don’t forget to scroll down to see other photos and such.

As with any of the content on my website, if there is anything that is copyrighted or that you prefer not to be here just let me know via email and I will promptly remove it.

Lingerie Videos Videos

 To view a lovely video of these, my favorite panties, click either pantie pic, left or right, and you will be brought to my Videos page. Two different videos ... Both of these panties are award winners, as they should be!