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 Vickie Fairfax  


 Vickie is a girl (now more a lady) who is a half-century young. I'm a girl who feels lucky to have a friend/partner/wife/lover who understands and has provided style advise and make-up lessons to assist with a girl's development. Having turned 50 and not wanting to allow another 10-yrs. to pass-by without moving forward, Vickie has stepped out of the dark confines and comfort of the "closet". Look-out of world!

Like so many, Vickie was born (without a name for so many years) at a very young age (pre-teen). Having a mom and 2-older sisters to admire and rummage through the wonderful clothes left in the laundry or elsewhere, Vickie discovered something that could not be explained or discussed. At this early stage, the clothes presented that sexual tension (and relief). But as the years progressed, there became much more to this "dress-up".

High School years: football (team captain), basketball, baseball (team captain), student council (treasurer), etc... steady girl-friend ... college bound ... lots of opportunity to "dress-up" but never had opportunity to experiment with make-up or hair styles...

College years: engineering, softball, beach, booze, parties, roommates ... great times, but no opportunity at school for "dress-up" ... learned about different styles by observation ...

Post-college years: new job, apartment living (previous resident left behind a present ... yippee), opportunity to explore .. wow
Fill in love (or lust), new adventure and challenges, engagement, break-up, heart ache ... why me?
New start, new room-mate, more opportunity, catalog shopping, building wardrobe (how/where to hide?)
Fill in love (for real this time!), engagement, marriage, kids (2-boys and a girl) ... lots of new clothes (similar size, except for shoes) ... guilt (why did I not tell her?) .... marriage is hard, requires work and consistent attention ... discovery (damn shoe size difference) ... lots of crying and talking ... more crying ... are you gay? NO ... do you want to be a woman? .. no? ... acceptance ... WOW, what a lady!!!

Marriage years: personal growth (both of us); Vickie is born (in name anyway); this is lots of fun having a girl-friend to share things with and discover; kids grow and becomes more challenging; the World-wide Web (WOW ... others out there like me ... WOW)

Today: Vickie is 5'-5" 150-lbs; 8-10 dress; 8-1/2 to 9 shoe; medium tops; getting into better shape, but lucky to have good genes (take after my mom and younger of two sisters); 25-yrs of marriage; 3-adult children (they don't know .. at least we don't think they do); 5-grandchildren ... life is great when you participate and roll with what comes at you ... change is growth and growth is always a positive thing.

Vickie is happy with how things have evolved; would not change a thing (well, maybe a few things). Looking forward the next chapter of this book of life; there may be a re-write, but Vickie is ready for whatever is around the next corner or at the next cross-road.

As a wise woman (my grand-ma) told me early in life, "be pleasant and keep smiling, people will never know what your’re thinking!"


Click on Vickie’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.